More sports schools built

FOUR new sports schools will be constructed in Pahang, Perlis, Terengganu and Sabah.

Officials from various National Sports Associations (NSAs) were invited to the Education Ministry in Putrajaya on Monday to discuss about their sports being absorbed into those schools.

It should be good news. Currently there are two sports schools in Bukit Jalil and Bandar Penawar.

Yet, some of the NSAs were skeptical and I don't blame them. We have the tendency of wanting to do everything but do not put much thought into what we do. They are afraid some of the programmes run in the new sports schools may fail due to lack of expertise and infrastructure. It has happened before.

Also, not many understand that sports schools are still required to clock in the academic hours and are bound by MoE's regulations as seen in other government schools and this can be frustrating for the teachers and principals.

Nevertheless, the idea is noble and it was nice of MoE's sports unit director Ee Hong to actually obtain the feedback from the stakeholders - despite I was told the MoE officials were defensive over their plans most of the time.

It's a start.

HD says: If the running of a sports school is no different than the other public schools, might as well select a school to run a particular sport programme (ie. SMK Raja Abdullah in KL is known for football).


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