Almost every city in the world has a top class football club.

Not in Malaysia.

KL are only basking on their past glory in the 80s.

Some claim it was the then Lord Mayor Tan Sri Elyas Omar who had unintentionally spoilt KLFA by giving them generous funding and land.

Elyas's successors were not so generous and I don't blame them. After all City Hall money is collected from KL folks and thus it should go back to the city people. Not just one football team.

Not too long ago KLFA managed to get funding from chemicals giant Ancom Bhd but many were clueless towards what the money was splurged on.

Today KLFA are feeling the pinch for they learn not many companies are as generous as Ancom.

And the small but loyal fans are getting rather annoyed with this uncertainty.

The fans want to lend a helping hand. December 17, 2011, KLFA Stadium, 10am.

It is not about the total amount that will be raised but the support towards KL. Dunia Sukan has jumped on the bandwagon as well, as seen in the posting 'Selamatkan Kuala Lumpur!'.

HD says: As per my previous posting, I will be there with my RM100.

According to Mohd Nazmi Hassa (twitter: @nazmibhassan), pic from Kelantan FA facebook page.


  1. I wonder what the officials from the President until the EXCO officials are doing? Why is it so hard to get a sponsor? Even a team from FAM League also can secure more that one sponsor. Ironically, KL is the capital of Malaysia, and there are many local and foreign companies based here. I think this team should turn into private. Let some big CEO's from MNC's or GLC's take over the team. There should be a requirement though. E.g. The owner should provide at least RM500,000 per year to the team.

    And not just KL, the whole system in the M-League should revamp! Every team that competes in M-League should have an owner. In other words, each MNC's and GLC's should adopt a state football team or football club. And also not to forget the sponsors. Each team and club should secure at least 3 or 4 sponsors, otherwise say sayonara to football.


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