Degree in "Bodek-logy"

We live in a society where you don't need to be well educated or good at what you do to climb up the ladder, just a basic degree in 'bodek-logy' will do the trick.

However, there isn't any reputable learning institution that offers such a course.

It is high time we capitalise on this and start a programme, starting with a 9 month certificate course followed by a two-year diploma and a three year degree programme. We can get experts from most of the National Sports Associations (NSAs) to conduct the lectures. I'm sure they will be happy with the side income.

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) is well known to shut the mouths of those who apparently "critise policy matters". Ask Reduan Abdullah and B.Satianathan.

The Malaysia Athletics Union (MAU) has jumped on the bandwagon after the national body slapped national hurdler Noraseela Khalid (pic) with a show cause letter for allegedly "criticising the MAU management for not appreciating the services and sacrifices of athletes after she defended her 400m hurdles gold at the Indonesia SEA Games last month."

Read more in this Bernama report.

People are entitled to their opinions. Those running the show (or claim to be running the show) should learn how to pioritise and manage egos.

Sadly, they get personal - too personal.

HD says: The New Zealand government had in 2007 floated the idea of funding tertiary courses in prostitution, so I guess "bodek-logy" ain't that bad after all.


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