Surf on Dede!

Indonesia's Dede Suryana (pic) got the best of both the windy 3-4 foot windblown beach break conditions and his fellow finalists yesterday to win the Men's Open Division of the Terengganu Quiksilver Best Event Surf Contest at Batu Burok Beach and nab the first place trophy and RM 2,500 ($US 850).

It was an all Indonesian affair with Suryana up against Quiksilver teammates Tipi Jabrik, Sandi Selamet and Devis Ratif in the 25 minute final, with Suryana aggressively attacking the waves and dominating the lineup, posting the highest score of the day and of the final, a 7.1 (out of a possible 10), and the highest combined score of the day, 14.10 out of 20. Given the conditions, it was an especially amazing performance.

"I’m super stoked to win this event," said Suryana.

"It was great fun to be out there with my team mates, even though it was windy and not the best conditions in the final. The waves were pumping all morning, the best we’ve gotten so far in the contest, which made it really great to compete today. Then the wind came up and so it was harder to find the good sections, but luckily I did find a couple in the final and got some scores. It’s been a great three days here and the locals have all been so nice to me, so I want to thank them for sharing their place with us. Looking forward to coming back here next year for sure!"

Suryana is currently the only Indonesian surfer competing on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Qualifying Series circuit.

In the Women’s Division, 13-year-old Annissa Flynn from Thailand trumped the field of older girls to bring home her second win in as many weeks, having just won another surf contest in Hong Kong last month.

Some 97 contestants from 10 different countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, the Maldives, Japan, Egypt, and the USA competed in the Men’s Open Division, Women’s Division, Masters Division, or Bodyboard Division.

Men’s Open Division

1. Dede Suryana (INA)

2. Tipi Jabrik (INA)

3. Sandi Selamet (INA)

4. Devis Ratif (INA)

Women's Open Division

1. Annissa Flynn (THA)

2. Yasnyiar Gea (INA)

3. Cheryl Tang (SIN)

4. Brenda Lee (MAY)


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