MAAU ditches NSC

Could the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union set a precedent to other sports associations in the country? Read the Press statement below;


It has been clearly indicated openly by YBhg Dato Zolkples Embong the Director General of National Sports Council of Malaysia that he cannot work with MAAU in particular with Mr. Karim Ibrahim the Deputy President, citing various reasons in the local electronic and written media continuously.

Numerous forms of approaches had been made indirectly through the MAAU President YB Dato Seri’ Shahidan Kassim as well as sports enthusiast to amicably solve this ongoing fiasco, but unfortunately all the efforts turned futile. Since it is realized that we are already at a dead end in seeking a solution on this matter, and that MAAU being the Association partly responsible for the development of athletics in this country, is committed to keep athletics alive.

On this perspective, MAAU is seriously considering to joint venture with the more appropriate government agency i.e the National Sports Institute of Malaysia to ensure the implementation of a continuous development program without any unwarranted hindrance.

One has to know that, this sort of unnecessary hindrance were not in existence before. Way back in the late 70’s, where there was only a medical unit at the TPCA Kuala Lumpur, where NSA will use their expertise towards preparation for any major games. During that time, there was not even a shadow of existence of the MSN until the early 80’s and ultimately providing financial assistance to NSA’s in the late 90’s.

Today athletics has grown far more advanced, with world records being shattered at almost every other major competition. This is made possible through research and development in the field of Sports Science and Sports Medicine. Thus, today, it is globally accepted and proven after their respective countries achieved eye propping results in major competitions namely the Olympic Games.

One has to realize that the following 3 major components that need to be linked to ensure the desired target or vision is achieved, namely:-

a. Need to have the best potential athletes;

b. Need to have the best knowledgeable an experienced coaches;

c. Need to have the best sports medicine and sports science unit.

If all the above 3 components can unite and work hand in hand added with the government spending huge amount of money, be self assured that there is no way sports will fail in this country.

On this aspect, we have to admit that the National Sports Institute are well equipped with their technical and scientific knowledge, which will be of utmost assistance in terms of preparation to oversee the training program, treatment of injury, rehabilitation and immediate remedial measures towards the said preparation, which obviously the National Sports Council will certainly be unable to contribute.

Having said this, a proposal will be tabled to the MAAU Council, and MAAU will be the first Association to detach itself from the National Sports Council and adopt a new approach by working closely with the National Sports Institute Malaysia. All proposals for the preparation of major games will be channeled through the NSI to the government. To enhance more effective results, the Olympic Council of Malaysia will be appointed as a member of the committee to be set up by the NSI if it is agreeable by the Ministry of Sports Malaysia,

Thank you



Deputy President

Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

c.c i. President MAAU

HD says: MAAU finally woke up?


  1. Where the funding for training and competition coming from then. All this plan to work with NSI is good if they can get their own funding independently which i am not confident they will succeed. Or maybe they hope to get government grant thru NSI instead. If latter is true then Karim and his lackeys are truly cancerous to Malaysian athletics scene.

  2. I like the three points; but would like one association which is led by people who are passionate and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Officials who actuall care for the short not people like what we have in the state and national body!


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