BAM: We want Zulfadli to stay

Mailsport highlighted that Zulfadli Zulkifli has been lured by the USA Badminton Association to play for the USA as seen here.

SS Dhaliwal, had in his blog, questioned Zulfadli's much awaited reward since last year as seen through the title of his blog post 'Why the delay NSC?'

The BA of Malaysia (BAM) would now want to reward Zulfadli through their own incentive scheme and is hoping Zulfadli will stay put in Malaysia. Read BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai's (pic) thoughts here.

Most players would not think twice to play for USA. It's even easier for LA-born Zulfadli since his dad has been living there since his varsity days and even coached the US team in the early 90s. Zulkifli knows most of the players and US BA officials there.

Let's give Zulfadli a darn good reason to stay put in the country. And this isn't about money where the USA will be able to offer more.

HD says: Life isn't all about money. It's about paying respect and acknowledging a person when it is due.


  1. If they want Zulfadli to stay, so please do something to convince her father. Dont just say and doing nothing...



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