Selangor no longer Giants?

That's going to piss many hardcore fans off I assure you. Thankfully my subject today is about Selangor and not Kelantan.

I really hope Selangor's new coach Irfan Bakti (pic) will continue to weave his "magic" as he did with Terengganu.

Irfan is out to attack and attract, as published by NST.

However, a chat with several seasoned coaches reveals Irfan is going to have a really tough time in Selangor - mostly based on their personal experiences.


1. He had good players who connected well with each other in Terengganu. It's not the same with Selangor as many of the seasoned players have been dropped and many new faces roped in including the two new foreigners - Lebanon defender Ramez Dayoub and Congo striker Lelo Mbele. Do they have enough time to gel? Remember Tony Cottee?

2. The politics in FA of Selangor. It can get very very messy unless Irfan puts his foot down. But that would also mean officials stabbing his back - based on the personal experience of several coaches.

3. Managing expectations. Terengganu turned out to be a surprise for Irfan, but it's a different ball game in Selangor where the FA got the fans overly excited with their Mission 33 campaign during the Malaysia Cup. It backfired.

Nevertheless , I sincerely - without bearing any "grudges" - wish Irfan and Selangor all the best.

HD says: Is starting to feel the Christmas mood. Here's a season to be jolly.....


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