Safiq to QPR?

It is not easy for a Malaysian to play in the English Premier League.

It is not about the football standards alone but obtaining the work permit.

Safiq enjoyed a training stint with Wales club Cardiff City recently.

Yet, that has not stopped fresh speculation of national skipper Safiq Rahim playing for Queens Park Rangers next year.

According to;

"Tony (shouldn't it be Neil?) Warnock has been recommended Rahim by (Tony) Fernandes' representatives, and the player will arrive on trial in January to spend time with the first team."

But what caught my attention is the final paragraph of the article;

"Selangor value the midfielder at around 300,000 GBP but a trial period is expected prior to any permanent deal."

That's about RM1.4 million! No disrespect to Safiq but....biar benar wei?!?!

HD says: The above mentioned website seem to have placed a wrong picture. I'm a little skeptical over the report.


  1. hahaha...mahalnya..ok la tu bro, tu harga lum nego lg..dh nego kang leh mntk diskaun sampai 70%..mcm selangor suke buat kt team2 lain..contoh mase azman adnan...beriya2 sanggup bayar 1 juta..skali end of the day, mntk diskaun..neway, good luck to safiq..harap2 neil warnock mgr QPR (bkn tony)terpikat ngan kebolehan safiq..

  2. Dia tulis 180000 GBP kan, bukan 300k GBP but still a lot of money wei!?!?!

  3. Whoa, thanks Anon 11:22am for alerting me as the facts of the article changed overnight.

    The whole paragraph in my blog was cut and pasted from the online website. From 300,000 GBP it changed to 180,000 GBP.

    And the name Tony Warnock has been rightfully changed to Neil Warnock.

    I'm very skeptical now.

  4. itu eyefootball tak boleh pakai la


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