It's not funny you know

UPDATE 10.00am: Here's the final paragraph of Mazlan's commentary (Part 2) published in Utusan Malaysia today;

Yang perlu diketahui bahawa persatuan sukan dan MOM boleh hidup dan berdiri secara sendiri tanpa MSN tetapi MSN tidak boleh hidup tanpa persatuan sukan dan MOM. Inilah hakikat sebenarnya.


I was 16. My cousin and I were on our way back from Bangsar and there was a roadblock near Bangsar Shopping Center.

We got off my cousin's ever reliable Ex-5 as a rather attractive policewoman approached us. She asked for my cousin's identification card, licence and road tax.

My cousin gleefully handed her the documents and tried his luck by saying; "You want to see anything else?"

And her reply: "It's not funny, you know."

She then gave us the green light to leave. We got on the motorcycle and laughed our hearts out. It's something my cousin and I still talk about even till today.

What is no longer funny is the supposed tiff between the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Malaysia Athletics Union (MAU).

Some have even gone to the extent of saying a handful of officials sitting in NSC were appointed solely for being against MAU. That is mere talk, I hope.

However, the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) has stressed that both NSC and MAU must sort out their differences for the sake of the sport. I was told former NSC director general Mazlan Ahmad will also touch on this in Part 2 of his column which is expected to be published in Utusan Malaysia today.

It's not funny ...seriously.

HD says: Let's not be the laughing stock.


  1. Bro..although I believe MAU will only prosper when a majority of the council led Karim is thrown out, the high handedness and arrogance of some NSC officials require people like Karim to make them realise their actual place and not act like lords over NSA's.

  2. Anon 8.22am, on that note I would like to add what former NSC director general Mazlan Ahmad said in his column yesterday;

    Perkara pokok yang perlu diketahui ialah wujudnya persatuan sukan dan MOM terlebih dahulu dari organisasi kerajaan yang menguruskan sukan.

    Ini penting. Pada prinsipnya persatuan sukan boleh bergerak sendiri tanpa apa - apa hubungannya dengan organisasi kerajaan termasuk bantuan kewangannya. Demikian juga dengan MOM mereka boleh wujud tanpa apa-apa kaitannya dengan kerajaan.

    I've said this many times before, NSAs have only themselves to blame for being overly dependant on government funds.

  3. In this case, Karem and his goons are the real villain. If they want to waste money having training programm in unfinished places, or spending money on useless quartet of athletes or to treat proven performing athletes like dirt, they should go find their own damn moolah. Don't waste rakyat's fund given thru NSC. NSC should be arrogant and highhanded towards these jokers.


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