Rebranding necessary.


That was the headline in today's NST.

FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Annuar Musa wants a "new roadmap for local football" - thus a rebranding is required.

But given the current situation, it cannot be a reality.


Annuar is a man with many ideas and enjoys a healthy working relationship with those in MSL Sdn Bhd. Annuar has transformed Kelantan into a well run organisation and the only thing they need right now is a stadium of their own.

Things are different in FAM though.

It is obvious Annuar does not enjoy a "good relationship" with the other office bearers. Annuar does not even see eye to eye with certain officials - literally.

This brings me back to the days Khairy Jamaluddin was in the same position and how he was shunned by many of the "old timers" for being vocal and wanting to adopt changes. He got fed up and chose not to run for election.

Even the other deputy president Tengku Mahkota Sultan Ahmad Shah would love to see changes. And despite being associated with good advisers including Windsor John Paul, he is struggling to implement a more professional set up.

So will Annuar's rebranding become a reality?

Only if the current batch of office bearers and given the boot and fresh faces are brought in. Individuals who are computer literate, know how to engage the Media and public alike and come up with plans that would actually benefit football as a whole and not their respective state FAs.

And for that to happen, the FAM constitution needs a serious overhaul. No officials running the state FAs should be part of FAM - especially in the disciplinary and competition committees. Serious conflict of interest there.

Till that happens, I would like to tell Annuar that there is no point being vocal or standing firm with your believes.

People will only hate your guts and take it personally. You've already been stabbed numerous times. So not worth it lah Tan Sri.

As a wise man once told me; "The one thing I have learnt in this business is to just shut the f*7k up."

And I guess that's what we must all strive to do.

HD says: Everyone is eager to rebrand.


  1. Sidetrack a bit sir, sorry - your comment on yesterday's Malaysia National Football Awards? Can you please get someone to clarify the criteria for Best FA? Strikes as a bit.. odd to me. Well, unless if they took into account factors that general public would not be bothered with e.g. accounts management etc.

    And please get your acquaintances at Astro Arena informed that perhaps someone forgot that the players were not judged based on their performance at international level. Was watching Nadi Arena yesterday and when it came to review of the winners, the guy went on and on about how all the nominees did well, but perhaps the winners did better at international level (or something along that line). As co-organizer/sponsor, they should be the ones in-the-know the most, right?

  2. Maybe if the Sec Gen of FAM is being audited for abuse of powers he's being vested in by looking at the role of the Sec Gen under the FAM constitution, then possible of Malaysian football moving forward in the right direction.
    Other than that lets hope that the next FAM President is able to instill positive changes for the sport. If not tunggu lah saje. Also can Tan Sri defend his Deputy President seat in the next election?
    As for now Tan Sri should just concentrate on KAFA, turning it into a football monster that is all feared locally and regionally.
    Also what happen to the Integriti campaign that was launched at the FA Cup finals press conference? Looks like it Dis-Integrited on its own.


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