Another FAM bashing...

And it is once again by The Star's Eric Samuel.

Eric touches on football corruption in his latest article.

THE only ones shocked by the latest revelations of match-fixing in the M-League must have been the FA of Malaysia (FAM). But that shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are such a clueless and ineffectual bunch.

FAM largely operate on snooze mode with minimum effort and enterprise. Cosseted in the comforts of Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, they would rather not have to deal with issues and problems. Hence the pathetic state of Malaysian football.

I bet this is not a great start to a blissful Sunday morning.

HD says: OUCH!


  1. wonder why the other media guys don't write the truth snymore

  2. Very obvious FAM is being run by the wrong people. The truth could be someone of authority in FAM is involved in the match fixing.

    Have the players, coaches and managements have their assets declared and audited.
    Form a task team(with police support and protection) that constantly put investigative pressure on everyone.


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