Saman FAM

It's not been a pretty start to the season for the FA of Malaysia (FAM).

First, the national body has got a lot of explaining to do - which they have yet to do so - about the mind-boggling insurance scheme seen in 2011.

Now, the Terengganu Chief Minister Ahmad Said (pic from Berita Harian Online) has threatened to pull the state team and T-Team out of the Super League over the ineligibility of Terengganu foreign signings to play in the Super League.

NST's headline states FAM threatened while Berita Harian reported Saman FAM.

Here's a question.

Fifa ruling clearly states there should not be any government interference in football. How can an MB dictate the fate of the team?

But here's a catch. It is an open secret that most teams and even the national team receives funding from the government - may it be State or from the Sports Ministry.

So how ah?

HD says: Solution simple. League run privately. Full stop.


  1. pls change the gen sec. no point having an incompetent person di run a big org like fam. we need football people lah bro.....

  2. That issues was discussed internationally long time ago. 1. FIFA Ruling ; there are two branches of sports law. the first that obstruct the interference is international sports law (for example in the case of World Cup. this is to regulate their own affairs. however, when comes to Olympic, global sports law will apply. here, all national law and govt interference may apply. without support of govt, football cannot be played outside. (2) funding: Malaysian govt interference in sporting development almost 100%. Though SDA 1997, the federal govt (ministry) control the National body. but the same Act gives power to the governing body (FAM) and its affiliates (states) to run their business on their own.since the power of developing sports is also enumerated in the Concurrent List of Federal Consti, then the state can do whatever important for sports. the action of President (cum Mentri Besar)challenging all this actually not representing state sports but only his club. He stands by his own capacity.

  3. klfa hd tried with football people before..i.e team also..and for ur info the gen sec is a former national footballer himself..although he played for the B side..he's the only footballer in the current org set-up..i think..

  4. it will be interesting to see this. the scenarios that i would like to see..
    1- we may see FAM changing the league rules and regulations again to accommodate Terengganu. If they do that, other teams might just langgar any rules and then threaten to saman FAM since FAM will accommodate them. OR
    2- FIFA will ban Malaysia/FAM until the "interference from government" is eliminated. which why I would really like to see the government interference in FAM.
    Disband FAM, have a new FAM without the current jokers especially the president. Then after 15 years with the new FAM, we judge ourselves, kalau still sama, we go to the palace in Kuantan and apologize to the ex President. If FAM in better condition at that time, we can all say we did our part. With a big smile while reading our daily newspaper in the morning in the sport section sambil menghisap kopi Hang Tuah.

  5. what a retard ahmad said...

  6. I don't think Terengganu FA has a strong case here as the ruling when to register their foreign players came out much earlier than the 'letter'. TFA just took it for granted for such a mistake on FAM side which FAM has admitted to.
    The MB is just playing bluff.

    On the insurance side, all FAM, FAs and insurance provider was in the wrong. FAM did mentioned to the provider to issue the medical cards while waiting for payment from the FAs, FAs took their own sweet time to register their players to the insurance company, insurance company not heeding FAM's requirement only issued the medical card after receiving payment.

    Anyways Mrs See will be receiving the insurance compensation. Everything sorted out.

    Any players having any claims from Jan to April will be paid by the insurance company.

    FAM should make a ruling the the Sec Gen must be change every 4 years to prevent abuse of powers.

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