A note to sports officials

Just before we all enjoy the rather long break, here's a note to sports officials in the country.

Most of you are incompetent. Instead of just accepting that fact, please strive to do something about it.

Talking from the outside is easy, as some of you might say. Perhaps. But then again, certain decisions made by you certainly defies logic.

You have the likes of Rizal Hashim and SS Dhaliwal commenting about the scene constantly, not forgetting our mainstream Media friends. Yet Rizal is currently facing the wrath for speaking about playing ON TIME.

Dhaliwal is often accused of being "personal" in his writings although his current critical writings on the national hockey scene should not be taken for granted.

Rest assured, you don't need to pay us RM6 million or beyond for FREE advice.

A quick chat with journos will reveal most major newspapers no longer carry results and highlights of the M-League in their first edition. Only in their second edition. Second editions are usually distributed to a smaller area - usually in the Klang Valley alone.

TV crew, meanwhile, can only update the results over the phone for their late night news. The clips of the match will only be aired the following day.

Some of us do not mind sitting with the fans or at the stairway but what pisses many off is the fact the Wifi never seems to be stable.

Then you have matches rescheduled all the time. It also happened in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

Oh, occasionally you get emails issued a day earlier informing about an important meeting - do you think the Malaysian sports scene only consist of your organisation?

How do you expect your tournaments to be sponsor friendly?

If you believe the Media has been sidelining you, go set up a blog, facebook page and twitter account and zero in on your followers. All social media mentioned above are FREE by the way.

It is also mind boggling that playing early is never an issue when it comes to playing in Singapore or when we host English teams for exhibition matches in the country. Strange.

Middle eastern teams start their matches early. The Qatar Stars League fixtures are set at 4.15pm and 6.15pm as seen here. I rest my case.

The insurance policies of our footballers were overlooked. How can that happen?

Here's the reality. State FAs have their grants slashed for insurance prior the season but had to fork out money when their players are admitted as the insurance scheme only took effect in April 2010. When the reimbursement is made by the insurance company, it was made to the name of the injured footballer or official and not the FA. So siapa yang rugi?

Typically, it has been swept under the carpet. I'm amazed.

Then we have ego issues.

We have high ranking officials throwing tantrums in their offices, kicking tables and bags. Oh you know you who are. And you should be ashamed of yourself for displaying such conduct. Not professional la....

The ego issue also extends beyond getting the right people for the job. To further strengthen one's grip in office, you tend to get your cronies. It doesn't matter if that person is good enough or comes with no credentials. All you need are puppets, the more the merrier eh.

Instead of taking note of their critics, we get officials who become ULTRA DEFENSIVE. Kuat merajuk pulak. No class lah.

And stop with this pei min (give face in Cantonese) attitude lah. In front of each other you all are so nice, sempat bro bro lagi. But when your backs face each other, hmph, bukan main mengumpat lagi. Be transparent about your principals and believes (if you have any that is).

As we usher the year of the water dragon, remember that you are here to SERVE Malaysian sports and not the other way around. You respect people, people will respect you.

HD says: Looking forward to ushering CNY!


  1. HD...spot on many things; but can journos stop whining about the wifi....get a wireless modem lah...personal one ...U guys sound like a poltical party demanding their supporters be treated special = or in other words free loaders!

  2. BRO,
    i also accept your message that sports administrators have their short comings but you all also must be professional and do not go on a personnal agenda when your wishes are not met. One must also not bite the hands that feed you and act that you are high and mighty and everyone have to crawl up to you. You will have your credibilty enhanced when you are fair and above board.
    Taking your mention about SS, MHC does not do anything right as judged by him. Does anyone believes that that a NSC did not do anything right at any one time. His mordus operandi is an open book: if he does not get what he thinks that he should be accorded, he will sulk and bang away.

    Maybe, you as a positive writer should go and see what the MHC have improve Hockey in Malaysia and then write some truth. If they are set backs, then by all means exposed but one must always be not negative. By acting this way, no one will respect you and the public will read your article in the toilet and then flushed it away.



  3. free loader la u nee.. wifi pun nak complain. beli la broadband like everybody else

  4. wooo you support ss to the bone. ss once was a good reporter but cant say much now days

  5. Honestly I don't need Wifi as I have data service on my phone. Wifi, or the absence of it, is not a problem to me personally but I brought it up as it is a problem to the other journalists.

    Thank you nevertheless to the two nameless folks above.

    1. good for you and for other jurno please la subscribe your own broadband as anybody else

  6. Its not "Siapa yang Rugi?", it should be "Siapa yang Untung?".

  7. Thanks for using your last year end wishes but this year will be worst of because we are entering the YEAR OF THE SNAKE. You do not have to be a NASA scientist to know what the reptile is percieved in our society.

    OUR only hope is that you all journos should be positive and not self cented and the administrators will give taxpayers value for their money.
    When we have this ideals then MALAYSIAN SPORTS WILL MAJU.



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