Kes rasuah lagi

Hardly a month and the M-League is already courting various controversies.

While we still await for the insurance bungle to be sorted out and continue to be baffled over the registration of import players, match-fixing has surfaced.

Nothing new as bookies have been eyeing on our players for many years. So expect no difference this season despite the joint effort between the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the police.

Perlis FA believes nine of their players are on the take, as reported here.

Meanwhile, the new registration deadline set on Fe 13 has seen quite a number of teams wanting to ditch their current signings for better ones. Suddenly teams are claiming their foreign talents lack the 'talent'.

Some teams even hired injured players and now complain they don't have a lethal strike force. Read more here.

Oh well, you buy an old car and you expect it to perform like a brand new machine?

HD says: I once again say it has been an interesting start to the 2012 season.


  1. bro, can somebody tell fam that leagues should be privatised. look at vietnam, india, singapore and many more. if its the consttuiton, then ammend lah.


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