FAM in La-La Land

That's the headline of The Star's seasoned writer Eric Samuel's (pic) piece today.

I would like to see the faces of office bearers in the FA of Malaysia (FAM). After all, Eric has always been their "favourite" journalist.

With his years of experience, Eric has seen it all. And his article today serves as a grimly reminder that all is not well in the M-League.

We have been demanding for the privatisation of the league since ages. In fact, the real objective of MSL Sdn Bhd is to run the league and not just be the marketing arm of the league.

Yet, FAM never seem to listen.

But why would they want to listen? Privatising the league would mean "no more power lah". Then how to be secretary of state FA and chairman of an FAM committee? (sic)

I hope you will not be slapped with a ban for questioning policy matters Eric. Lol!

My dear friend Eric, I doubt they will read or listen to what you have said.

To quote your headline, FAM are indeed living in La-la Land.

HD says: Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year break Eric.


  1. Bro,

    I heard that FAM has allowed Terengganu to register their import player even after the due date.

    Do you have any idea about this?


  2. anonymous 1:59
    i suspect so, that is why the player registration is being held back. get these monkeys out of football....please.

  3. Fam patut kena jawablah betul ketidak ai nanti jadi isu pulak ,FAM ni tak habis-habis dengan berbagai isu .......



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