Let's 'vandalise' some walls.

I've known Joe Ipoh when the country was once famous for hosting the Asian X-Games during Hishamuddin Hussein's tenure as Sports Minister.

While the hosting rights valued at RM3 million raised eyebrows, the minute but loyal X-Games community were happy. They were finally being recognised.

Sadly, it didn't last for long as the subsequent ministers had no intention of "spending" money on the sport.

After all, not all of the skateboarders and wall climbers were registered voters or were simply too young to vote at the previous General Election as the ministry spends money on activities to win the heart of the youths.

Joe and Company has been surviving with small time tournaments locally although they have been competing abroad. There is also the Persatuan Ekstreme Malaysia but I've not heard much from them since the regional X-Games.

Well Joe will be at the launch of a skateboard and streetart event called Sibling (pic) at the Annexe Gallery (near Central Market) tonight. Some of those steertart (or vandalism as most call it) are really good.

All the best to Joe and the Gang. To the narrow minded lot, just because a a boy dresses up in baggy pants, speaks in a different lingo and believes he is some Rasta dude from Jamaica - it doesn't mean he is 'bad'.

That my friend, is the life of a skater boy.

HD says: All the best to Joe and friends.


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