J-League JV

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) are in the midst of talking with their counterparts from the J-League in a bid to join forces for the development of football in the country.

FAM deputy president Annuar Musa met up with several J-League officials at PJ Hilton last week, as reported in today's Mailsport.

Hopefully, we could learn something from the Japanese and ensure the league is run "professionally".

No more gaji sangkut, EPF sangkut, insurance tak bayar, jadual berubah, lesen kad pemain belum siap etc.

Malu lah.

HD says: Let's hope for a good outcome.


  1. Let's hope the Japanes don't pick our bad habits! Rosak J leAgue!

  2. No more 'very' late kick off after this?



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