Danyal returns

There was a blueprint drawn up by former Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union deputy president First Admiral (R) Danyal Balagobal Abdullah.

It was given the thumbs up by the Cabinet Committee for sports and was supposed to be a 10-year plan from 2002-2012 - with the hope of having a Malaysian athlete compete at the London Olympic Games.

Sadly, it was shelved.

And now Danyal is eager to ensure the ambitions of the blueprint is achieved as there is a possiblity of him contesting for the Malaysia Athletic Union - as it is now called - elections which is supposed to be held next month.

Read all about Danyal's possible return in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Erm, does the BA of Malaysia have a blueprint? What happened to Robert Albert's road map for the FA of Malaysia?


  1. Even though the return of Dato' Danyal would the best thing that could happen to athletics; I would not be surprised if he lost. The state secretaries who are supposed to vote, would by them be bought over. Dato' Danyal, as I much as I wish you would run the MAU; sadly it will not happen.

  2. Return of the JEDI? Beware of the dark side Admiral..


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