Johor prince takes over football

I'm here to Inform the People of Johor that I've Officially Taken Over Johor Football Association as the President of Johor Football. My Goal and Intention is to Kick Out the Politics and bring Back the Glorious Days of Johor Football to The People of Johor. At the same time I will also do My Best to Improve All Sports in Johor. I have Urged the State Government and Majlis Sukan Negeri to play more Roles in terms of Sports Activities and Educating the Youth to Excel thru Sports with the Aim of having them to do more Productive and Positive Activities for Their Future.

That was taken from the twitter account of Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim published on the social site on Jan 24.

The Star ran a story here.

We do have royalties helming FAs. Pahang ruler Sultan Ahmad Shah is president of the FA of Malaysia (FAM). His son Tengku Abdullah is the deputy president.

The Johor royalty are rather, let's say "hands on", and I do expect some "interesting times" for both Johor FA and the FAM.

I am all for anyone - royalty or commoner - with a noble heart to run a sporting association.

But let's hope we don't waste time on protocols and help run sporting associations in a more orderly fashion.

Perhaps Tunku Ismail could get some pointers from Tengku Abdullah.

HD says: Welcome to the club Tuanku.


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