Oh Thiru....

Let's look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1
Mario Balotelli (Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur)

Mario Balotelli will serve his four-match ban after Manchester City opted not to appeal against his suspension.

The controversial Italian striker appeared to stamp on Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker's head during Sunday's 3-2 win at the Etihad Stadium - before his last-minute penalty winner kept City three points clear of the Barclays Premier League.

Read the full report here.

Scenario 2

V.Thirumurugan (Kedah v Kelantan)

Insiden V Thirumurugan (Kedah) pijak Mohammed Ghaddar (Kelantan) dalam aksi Liga Super Kedah vs Kelantan (pic) 20 Januari 2012, Stadium Darul Aman. Thirumurugan bagaimanapun terlepas hukuman kerana terlepas pandang insiden pijak berkenaan.

Watch the video here.

With Astro Arena now showing the matches live and a major sponsor of the Super League, it would be impossible not to get recordings of the matches. Otherwise, we can always count on youtube.

Those who watched Balotelli and Thirumurugan would be able to conclude which of the two should be severely penalised.

But then again, there is a huge difference on how football is run in England and Malaysia. Oh well.

HD says: Why this kolaveri di?


  1. After watching the match I was waiting some reaction from FAM or the respective committee as to what sort of action should be taken against Thiru for his unprofessional attitude. He deserve a severe punishment for that incident. Hope he doesn't get away and I hope Kedah FA don't make a fuss if there is an action taken against his player. In fact it will more appropriate if Kedah had made the first move to punish Thiru. Referees, Assistants, Match Inspectors and others who are directly involved - IGNORANCE is no EXCUSE>


  2. When Asraruddin Putra Omar stamped on S. Sivaraj during the KL v Selangor Malaysia Cup match in 2011 at the Selayang Stadium, no action was taken either. What was worse the incident happened in front of the linesman. FAM does not believe in taking retrospective action. "Jangan Pandang Belakang" is their motto.

  3. Good one HD...especially d kolaveri part! Ban for 8 games...make an example out of him! Just like Balotelli he is the scum of the beautiful game!

  4. FAM of FAM!!!...Fail Always Me...

  5. he should be punished to provide warning to other player...if not then many other plays will follow his action


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