Cheers for referees.

"Hari ini saya telah terima email dr Ketua unit pengadil termasuk semua pengadil dan RA. Isi kandunganya adalah kenaikan elaun. Sudah sekian lama penantian kami semua. Berkat pengerusi pengadil FAM Datuk Astaman yang menghadap Tuanku Presiden pada 10.12.2011 barulah kenaikan ini dikuatkuasakan setelah di tahan oleh JK Kewangan FAM."

This was an SMS I received today.

Well I am happy the men in black are finally getting more allowances. I had in July 2011 wrote about M-League referees "Blow for free".

Now let's hope for quality refereeing on the pitch eh.

HD says: Most referees have interesting stories to tell. Some get verbal abuses while others get chased. Some are praised while others receive brickbats. Part and parcel of the job.


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