Football uprising?

Been getting a whole lot of phone calls lately.

Quite a number of state FAs and clubs seem to have a bone to pick with the FA of Malaysia (FAM). And they are using every excuse in the book to try and undermine the national body.

The latest is the guidelines to hiring the import players.

Apparently a complaint will be lodged to why certain states - particularly Selangor and Kelantan - were allowed to "flaunt" the regulations.

This is in light to the teams hiring Lebanese players Ramez Dayoub (Selangor), Zakaria Charara and Mohammad Ghaddar (both Kelantan).

Sadly, the guideline of hiring the import players on FAM's website seems to be "missing" (pic).

Thankfully, we have another alternative website and it reads;

5. The Foreign Player to be selected should comply with the following playing status:-

- Only Foreign Players playing in Division 2 and above are allowed from the Confederations listed below:

- Only Foreign Players playing in Division 1 are allowed from the Confederations listed below:

- However, only current National Players from countries with world ranking higher than Malaysia’s ranking in FIFA’s World Ranking listed on 24 August 2011 is allowed to play in M-League 2012.

The August 2010 ranking shows Malaysia at 139 while Lebanon was at 148. Today, Malaysia is down to 148 while Lebanon is up at 111 as seen here.

Through my interpretation, if the player does not conform to the earlier club regulations but plays for the national team higher than Malaysia, then it is fine or vice versa. That's how I look at it.

So anyone could advice if the officials kicking up a fuss has a valid grouse?

HD says: Listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising. Now let's sing along; I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way....


  1. I believed that this season is the most "entertaining" start for M-League for quite some time. the last time i remember is the "Bribery Saga".....

  2. Totally irrelevant as the document referred and mentioned supposed to be 'the guideline' is the outdated one. The FINAL guideline document of which every state FA's does have a copy stated a much later FIFA ranking datelines, thus the issue of Lebanese players does not rise at all (Lebanon maintains a ranking higher than Malaysia ever since). The fault lies with the webmaster of the FAM site. Another bungle nevertheless but could be easily avoided if only someone does make 1 or 2 calls and verify with the state FA or even FAM themselves whether the document is the FINAL one. The fans of course couldn't be faulted too in thinking that the document uploaded to the official website MUST be THE document. So miscommunications everywhere. Joe Marcose is handling FAM's Media Department right? He should make sure his boys doesn't repeat the same mistake again and most important of all keep the bloody site updated! The bloggers and so-called keyboard warriors doesn't have a guideline in verifying facts before publishing but a reporter of a mainstream papers SHALL NOT made the same mistake. My 2 cents

    1. iam surprised with some news linking the registration of mohamad ghadar , he played last season in al jaish in syria league,, which is not an asean country,, its ASIAN--not ASEAN,,
      ramez dyoub played in mynmar which is ASEAN

      so let us nt mix issues

  3. iam surpised why ,, the name of kelantan players is included in this story,, both oof them they didnt play in mynamr ,, mohamad ghaddar last club was al jaish in syria league , while zakaria was playing in cyprus,,
    the only issue is whith ramez dyoub,,who played in mynamar which is an asean country,,,,


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