Akademi Fantasia - ala FAM

My take on the FAM Congress, published in today's The Malay Mail.

Comment by Haresh Deol

KUALA LUMPUR: Want to learn a thing or two about politics? Look no further, the FAM Congress is here.

As the stake holders vote for their "stars" to be the new office bearers at a leading hotel in Shah Alam tomorrow, many fail to realise the importance of leading a national football association.

Some have turned the media and blogosphere into a campaign rally, hoping to garner the required votes in a bid to satisfy their personal hunger.

Others prefer the silent approach, hoping for intervention from third parties to aid their cause. It's baffling how public statements are made and issued at the eleventh hour in a bid to cloud the judgment of the affiliates.

There are claims of money politics involved. Those, however, remain as rumours.

It seems the Congress has turned out to be nothing but a popularity contest — like Akademi Fantasia if you will.

The main prize — the ability to use FAM as a launching pad for a possible political career or a good way to network and get tenders. Take your pick.

What assurance have they given to the masses that the fortunes of Malaysian football will change? Only lip service. We've all heard the "we will do our best" statements before.

There is no use having ten vice presidents and 20 deputy presidents, when none of them are active to begin with. Please do away with the name dropping. I'm sure FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah (pic) will not be pleased if he finds out certain officials are claiming titah Tuanku to get things done their way.

The first thing to be looked after is daily administration of FAM. Here, we have league matches suddenly rescheduled. National coach K. Rajagobal continues to wonder when is his next international friendly match.

The Harimau Muda lads are clueless as to what they are training for.

What about the legal battle between FAM and former general secretary Datuk Dell Akhbar Khan?

How has the establishment of MSL Sdn Bhd aided the M-league and one still ponders what actually happened to Robert Alberts' blueprint for the development of Malaysian football?

If the new set of officials truly have football at heart, they must set aside their semangat kenegerian and make decisions in the name of Malaysian football.

Please re-evaluate the M-League, its branding and marketing, and tinkle the possibility of allowing a neutral party to run it. Consult the national coaches on future programmes as it involves their teams.

Find the right personnel who can elevate the resources and standards of Malaysian football. Elect the right leaders, hopefully we will then be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

HD says: Undi, jangan tak undi.


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