'VSS' for Azraai?

I remember when The Malay Mail was sold off by NSTP. A number of my good work mates opted for the VSS scheme. It was a sad day as some of these good folks left with a heavy heart but they got paid handsomely at the same time.

Now former journo-turned-blogger SS Dhaliwal revealed in his blog that national junior coach Azraai Khor Abdullah (pic) - or once known as Khor Lek Seng -, apparently, has been given the boot. But along with that decision comes with a 'bag load of cash'.

Perhaps it's a mutual understanding between the FA of Malaysia and Azraai. Perhaps there's more than just a golden handshake.

HD says: So what's the real story folks?

Note: Pic of Azraai taken without permission from Jeebsion.com/blog


  1. What has the VSS of your former colleagues got to do with Azraai getting the boot? Those who left from your office left because of a choice unlike Azraai who is asked to leave and paid for some cover-up.
    And for the "handsome" sum your colleagues received, I am sure they earned it from the years of their service. Besides I believe it was not all that "handsome"! In anycase it was MM who wanted let go the years of experience and opt for mediocrity! Look at what The Malay Mail is today! It is free and yet everyone thinks that the paper has closed down! Sad state for a paper which is more than a century old!

  2. Observer, you sound like one sour ex malay mailer. why ur application for vss tak dapat ker?


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