Let's talk about balls...

I presume former Malay Mail sports editor Tony Mariadass was all fumed up when he wrote his latest piece Talk is cheap on his blog.

One cannot blame him. After all, he was one of the very few editors that emphasised on schools sports. He also has a rich background in football, having managed the Malay Mail team in the domestic league some two decades ago.

Many are quick to pin point the ills that surround not only football but our local sports. Yet, only a handful can come up with solutions. Perhaps we need to listen more and talk less.

Talking about statements, it tickles me to see certain 'administrators' talking about subjects which they have no authority to act on. Misguided perception that they run Malaysian sports? Hmmm....

HD says: When the mouth works faster than the brain, it's bad news yo!


  1. What Tony said in his blog has a lot of truth in it. Football has to be played on level grounds without fear or favour, clean, and definitely without looking at colour or creed. It has been politicised to the extent beyond recognition. Something has to be done, and fast.


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