We don't need you.

I read Ajitpal Singh's commentary in the NST this morning on the coming FA of Malaysia (FAM) elections and couldn't agree more.

He is right, in every sense. But haven't we all read the same thing before?

Former Mailsports' journo Rizal Hashim suggested; "Pingat emas Sukan SEA di Laos adalah tanda selamat tinggal terbaik dan hadiah paling tepat untuk Tuanku. Going out on a blaze of glory, Tuanku will be remembered for the right reasons. Tiba masa mencari pengganti Tuanku."

Once again - with all due respect that is - I couldn't agree more.

Despite what has been written in the past, the rot continues.

The political landscape in this country sees politicians using sports as a tool to justify their existence in a bid to garner votes during elections. Thus it comes to no surprise when an MCA man heads a basketball or volleyball association while an UMNO or PAS official sits in the state football association.

This would have worked some 20 years ago. It is no longer relevant today.

Even if FAM has 100 vice presidents, 1000 deputy presidents (which I don't understand what is the bloody difference when none of them have any say in any thing at all), what do they really do? I am still trying to figure that out.

So instead of just being mere puppets or administrators, we need to know what's next for Malaysian football. Justify what MSL Sdn Bhd has done for the M-League. Explain what happened to the Robert Albert's blueprint. We need answers and workable solutions for a brighter future in Malaysia.

HD says: I bet that with the current mentality, nothing will change in FAM. Please prove me wrong.


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