Khawari, Eric retain position in SAM.

The Sportswriters' Association of Malaysia (SAM) held its Biennial General Meeting at the Olympic Sports Hotel this morning.
Present to officiate the meeting was National Sports Council director general Zolkples Embong. Zolkples predicts Spain will edge Holland 2-1 in the World Cup final tomorrow morning (2.30am)
SAM president Ahmad Khawari Isa and his vice president Eric Samuel retained their positions uncontested. Treasurer Ali Majid also kept his seat uncontested.

SAM 2010-2012 committee as follows:
President: Ahmad Khawai Isa
Deputy President: Asan Ahmad
Vice Presidents: Eric Sameul, Norismadi Abdul Manap
Secretary: Ahmad Faisal Jamal
Treasurer: Ali Majid
Council members: Abdul Razak Ahmad, Yu Nee Kong, Izhar Atan, Jalil Mat Dom, Tumpang Sabtu

HD says: Serve your folks well.


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