World Cup in SEA? What they say...

This posting is in response to Sports Minister's Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek's statement that Malaysia and Indonesia could join forces to organise the World Cup.

I emailed some of my new found friends around the region on their thoughts about the statement.

PoHui of was rather optimistic, saying:

"As what the minister mentioned nothing is impossible. So long everyone who is involved is ready to work together, be frank and open in all dealings within the organizing of any kind of mega tournament.

Also IMHO I felt Indonesian's bid was rejected probably of theirs ranking, and being a significant event I really doubt FIFA is OK to have a host nation(being one of the seeded teams) to be walloped.

However, if ranking is not a concern then areas like basic infrastructures, etc. must ready to host such tournament, such as the ease of access to transportation, security and others."

Jonny Kirkeeide of FilipinoFootball replied in the negative

"No chance ! I dont think FIFA will ever accept a new joint hosting from two Asian countries so they should drop that idea now. ASIA might get World Cup in 2018/2022, so when will then be next time Asia get a World Cup ? 2026 , 2030 or 2034 ? China might then get a chance ? They want to host 2026."

Jonny was kind enough to share this story with us.

To top it all, JakartaCasual's A.Sutton decided to blog about his opinion. Read it here.

HD says
: I strongly believe the same time, money and energy be used to beef up Malaysian sports. We hosted the 1998 Commonwealth has that elevated Malaysian sports?


  1. I think the main obstacle is that FIFA is not willing to accept bids from SEA countries because we haven't had any team qualified for World Cup since 1938 as well as our low rankings. It's a major disadvantage comparing to other bidders.

  2. Shabery Cheek, as usual, is talking drivel. And he is paid big bucks by the government to do that.

  3. I don't agree Malaysia hosting the World Cup. But if you ask me how the Commonwealth Games in 1998 helped elevate sports in our country...when we won the bid to host the games during the Barcelona Olympics, things were put into motion...
    in 1993, training centres for diving and weightlifting were established. by 2004, we had olympians in these two disciplines. and suddenly we have quality shooters in the ISSF discipline, not the skeet and trap team...
    there are also other intangible benefits derived from hosting the event. sure there were weaknesses here and there but give credit where its due.


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