Something stinks

Dozens of articles were written about our very own Subkhiddin Salleh's (pic) appointment as a referee to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Many kept their eyes glued to the tv, hoping to see some form of Malaysian representation on the pitch through the Penang school teacher.

Nevertheless, that never happened as despite being appointed referee, Subkhidin was only the fourth official in seven matches.

And now there's talk of conspiracy in the selection board of the referee's committee at the World Cup - as published in today's The Malay Mail.

Subkhidin does not want to talk about it, but those close to him acknowledge something fishy is going on in South Africa.

HD says: It's always about money.


  1. HD,

    Indeed, you're right .. I've been navigating the world cup screen for him since the start of WC .. hopefully you could cover more on this ....

  2. Take a cue from our Jeff Goh, who was appointed as well, but he was the fifth official throughout his stint in World Cup..

    Yet, he remained "positive"as he shared his experienced in this link below...

  3. Yea...
    1. remember the bidding to host the (DOHA) Asian Games by Malaysia as well..
    2. the attempt to move out AFC HQ from KL
    3. host of World Cup 2022..(why now only talking about timing..from summer to winter)
    4. Hoping the people in power to learn something about integrity.
    x-kaybee super


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