A morning at UiTM

Thanks to Shaukei Kahar, I was invited as a speaker at the Pelancaran Pusat Kecemerlangan Bola Sepak 2010 which is still on-going as this posting is being written.

I was assigned to talk about corruption, M-League v EPL and the future of footballers in Malaysia. Corruption is a subject I love to touch upon while I'm pleased that my comments that "EPL isn't the greatest league in the world" got a positive response from the crowd.

The other three speakers invited were FAM assistant general secretary Ahmad Fuad Daud, UPM lecturer Sheikh Kamaruddin Sheikh Ahmad and former FAM assistant gen-sec Rosli Hussein.

I am supportive of vartisities that organise such talks. But I do hope that the ideas discussed during the session will be recorded and digested by the powers-that-be.

Otherwise, it will turn into another research paper left in the dusty cupboard of the faculty.

HD says: Thank you UiTM for the opportunity and looking forward to a more interactive session with its' students in the near future.


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