Changes needed.

“I might even change our playing style. We need to limit our passing in our half. If we keep on repeating the same thing, it will be of no use."

Those were the words of Harimau Muda A coach Ong Kim Swee when contacted in Manama about an hour after the match.

More will be published once The Malay Mail's website is updated.

Kim Swee is adamant of making changes to ensure the team will not repeat the same mistakes for the third time.

The national side lost 2-1 to Bahrain in the London Olympic qualifier - their second defeat to the Middle Eastern team. In November, the Harimau lads wasted a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 to Bahrain.

Some claim the Malaysians looked rusty, perhaps because they have not played any competitive matches for quite sometime.

Others say the players lacked concentration and made life difficult for themselves.

Kim Swee was at the sidelines that night and should know his boys best. One thing for sure, he is right to say that changes need to done - and they better be done soon before the rot gets even worse.

HD says: It's going to be another long day....


  1. what was he doing all these years? the olympic squad is a flop. he must resign. he has failed.

  2. The only feeder agency for the National Team is players from BJSS . Mind you, not all the best are from BJSS. But you have to look around the country for the rest . Sad to say that the respective MSS and State FAs are not doing enough as how the BJSS players train. I don't blame the MSS or FAs for not providing the best for the national team as they don't get the same set up as what is happening in BJSS. The policy makers in sports especially in football has to look seriously at this set up ( SOP ), then we at least create an opportunity to left outs who did not make it or don't want to go to BJSS. Save the cubs to save the Tigers.

    Save the Tigers- KCNR

  3. we have been playing long ball "bola harapan" in hope that there is someone up front to get the ball ever since the day of the current FAM president.
    to change the style of play , then it should start at jr levels..have u seen the coaches at those jr. clubs (which are aplenty now, which is good)teach the kids how to play football?..sama style macam senior kita.. dapat bola..hantar depan..
    but then again, we have heard this a long time ago..will it be this time around that real changes is going to happen? let's hope so.

  4. FAM being the governing body should be the one that is in full control of football development of the country, but FAM itself doesn't even have a proper development program. The last development director was let off without even a due notice.
    So our Bola Harapan is as good as FAM's football development plans which is Kosong.
    If not mistaken Tengku Mahkota is the Head of the Development committee.
    Maybe he has a better answer.


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