Sacked over a slap

I received this email on Feb 27, 2012 which read;

I read in total disgust that a good coach is leaving his players, yet another time.

Reasons for him leaving is stated clearly in above article.

Or is it?

2 weeks back, an incident at a badminton tournament in Kangar, Perlis involving his assistant coach with some players and a parent was the tip of the iceberg. The ugly side of sports.

Players were slapped by the assistant coach, a brawl in the hotel between the assistant coach and a parent ended up with broken glasses, furnitures and a police report! Worst still, it had to be witnessed by innocent, young players who are still teenagers and kids.
The result, the assistant coach was suspended by the association and, the chief coach is leaving.
According to some players, it is a normal occurrence during their training sessions that physical and verbal abuses are being hurled at them by the assistant coach. Question is, what drives a coach to such extreme behaviour?

In our nation's quest for sports achievement and excellence in international platform and millions of ringgit are spent into sports development, where have we gone wrong?
It is clear in the above case, the relevant sports authorities involved have failed to produce good, professional coaches.

I investigated the claims and found them to be true.

KLBA confirmed they have sacked their assistant coach while the BA of Malaysia are well aware of the situation as published in today's Mailsport.

Note: Picture above is not a recreation of the scene.

HD says: Another day in office....


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