"Karim told me to take the pills"

"Karim also told me to take the pills, which he said were very expensive. I was also given injections two or three times a week. The doctor informed me that they were B complex shots for recovery after training.

Karim asked me not to tell anyone, including coach K. Jayabalan, about the pills. However, I fell ill after receiving two injections and could not train for a few days. I told coach Jayabalan about the injections and he was angry with me."

That was the stunning admission by national relay runner Yunus Lasaleh (pic) who failed a dope test after winning gold at the Indonesia SEA Games last year as published in The Star and NST today.

Sprints coach Hamberi Mahad handed Malaysia Athletic Union president Shahidan Kassim a petition signed by 16 coaches and 42 athletes containing damning allegations on doping and a call to remove his deputy president Karim Ibrahim.

Although Shahidan expressed "shock" over the petition, one cannot help but wonder if the whole episode was staged from the beginning. After all, it is no secret Shahidan and Karim seem to have lost their love for one another. The latest revelation will make it impossible for cupid to patch things up between the duo even on Valentine's Day.

If the allegations are true, well done Yunus for finally speaking up.

If only he had such guts by not taking the pills in the first place to avoid the possibility of facing heavy bans.

HD says: Drama on Valentine's Day. Where is the love? :)


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