Justice, finally!

It was the first death anniversary of the late See Kim Leong yesterday.

I called Kim Leong's daughter Marianne See, who is based in Alor Star, and told her about the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) assurance that her mother Audrey McLeod will be finally getting the insurance money of RM50,000.

I wouldn't have expected her to be overjoyed by the assurance. Relieved, maybe. Happy, certainly not.

It was supposed to have been done a long time ago. Yet, Audrey was placed into much agony. Also, Audrey remembers the sum insured as being RM120,000 but now she's only getting RM50,000 - but she doesn't want to kick up a big fuss.

Most importantly, she hopes to see the cheque in her hand. Only then she will consider this chapter closed.

Let's wait and see. The full report is published in today's Mailsport.

For those wanting to refresh their memory, read 'No Insurance'.

HD says: Sigh...


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