Samurais ready to slay Tigers

Malaysia vs Japan Olympic Preview by Rashidee_Mohd

“We need to score and we’re going to score." - Japan Olympic coach Takashi Sekizuka.

“We’re playing without pressure. If Japan play too offensively, they might just get caught." - Harimau Malaya coach Ong Kim Swee.

Japan are not in Kuala Lumpur to only win. They want to score as many goals possible.

Malaysia's London campaign is over but Kim Swee and lads will not go down without a fight as they host Japan at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil (kick off 9pm) in the Asian Qualifiers for the London Olympics.

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Mohd Rashidee's decent video (above) sums the preview of the match well.

HD says: All the best lads!


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