Elyas Omar - on FT and Malaysian sports.

I spent some good two hours with former KL lord mayor Elyas Omar (pic) recently.

We spoke about a wide range of issues - from the development of KL ahead of 2020 to KL's football scene and the future of badminton in the country.

Elyas gave the impression the FT ministry is nothing but a pain in the 'butt'. He stressed there is a need for more open spaces in KL and dealing with opposition constituencies is "not a big deal".

In sports, he felt hurt when he was snubbed during the BA of Malaysia gala night, sad with the pathetic performance of KL in the Super League (football) and

In conjunction of the Federal Territories Day today, The Malay Mail dedicated two full pages for the former Penang Free School student as he touched on KL (page 8) and sports (page 39).

Read it here.
HD says: It was a good chat sir. Will surely meet up again.


  1. KLFA should engaged Tan Sri Elyas in an advisory role..HD, see, he did not spoiled KLFA as u stated in your tweet before :)


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