Sample B - Positive

The results are finally out. The Sample B of the two national athletes who participated at the Indonesia SEA Games last year turned out to be positive of banned substance.

The two athletes - a member of the 4x400m quartert that won the gold medal and another medal winning weightlifter - will not be named until the Olympic Council of Malaysia gets the confirmation in writing from the Sea Games Federation.

Read Harian Metro's report for more.

It is, however, baffling to note why some athletes remain ignorant over the list of banned substance provided by the World Anti-Doping Agency as seen here.

After all, the internet isn't all about Facebook or Skype.

And if ever in doubt, ask the good folks at the National Sports Institute. As the new saying goes, Malu bertanya, sangkut anti-doping.

HD says: So much for the pomp and fare during the awards ceremony in KL.


  1. Come on there were three other clean athletes in the team. You comment abot the awards ceremonys is totally uncalled for. The other three boys ran their hearts out!How would like refering to Malay Mail reporters as paedophiles just because one your colleagues did it?

    1. agreed with you...wondering why you never try to find the truth behind the story of you just believe what ever karim fed you??

      sure you will answer the athlete are the one to blame but do you know that this athlete is young and inexperience. he may just afraid to speak when been ask by bulgaria coache cum doctor to take any pill in Miri or Brunai.


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