Oh snooker...

If it is let's say athletics, especially concerning the Malaysian Athletic Union, you get a whole lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and making a lot of noise.

But when it comes to the Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation - not a single squeak.

Yet, you get high ranking officials hugging and shedding tears when our cue artists win a gold medal. I was at the 2007 Korat Sea Games when Moh Keen Ho won the 64th gold medal for the nation. I saw the 'love' showered upon Keen Hoo there.

Today MSBF is still in a messed up situation - so messed up that even the players are unsure what their counterparts are doing. Most are working in snooker centers. Others have left the scene completely.

And yet we get a bunch of snooker pretenders - who don't even know which coloured ball is supposed to be potted in first - writing slanderous letters and addressing the letters to even the Sports Minister.

The next time an official hugs a snooker player, I suggest that snooker player smacks him in the face. Kalau MAU banyak sangat nak komen, bila concerning MSBF buat tak tahu!

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HD says: Sigh!


  1. athletics is the most basic of sports movement, haresh. in order to succeed in the world of sports, an athlete has to be athletic. agility, nimbleness, fitness are nurtured through athletics. so athletics is crucial in our development. whoever governs athletics in malaysia come under great scrutiny. unlike snooker and billiard. hhahahahaha

  2. agree with the notion that athletics is the most basic of sports movement.

    but that doesn't mean that MAU or problems around MAU is of higher priority than any other sport.

    I do not believe in elevating the status of associations for they are merely there to facilitate to a certain extent and govern the sport.

    but we're living in a country that has only a handful of snooker & pool tournaments throughout the year and players need to be 18 and above before they can patron a snooker center.

    Also, is snooker really a sport? In the eyes of the world it is but not to our local councils as snooker centers are still being charged with entertainment taxes.

    This is where the association should do something. Sadly it has done nothing.

  3. its not a notion. its a fact hahah. Trouble is politics in sports is everywhere. Against this backdrop, we need an independent body to monitor what's happening. Who are they? The Sports Commissioner's office of course!!!!!!!


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