Fifa stands by Eaton

UPDATE 11.39am: Apparently Eaton is scheduled to visit FAM on March 5 as reported here.


“We can confirm that Chris Eaton, as our Head of Security, has led and managed a global investigation of allegations of matchfixing which has included Malaysia.

As Fifa take every allegation seriously, we also confirm that Fifa have inconclusive investigative information suggesting the involvement of some football administrators.

We are looking forward to cooperating with FAM and the Malaysian authorities in order to share this information with them and then to proceed with our global investigations.”

This was the respond I obtained from Fifa's Media Office when asked about Eaton's comments in Singapore's Straits Times recently.

Read more in today's Mailsport.

I believe such a statement will not go down well with the folks at the FA of Malaysia.

Pic courtesy of The Malay Mail.

HD says: Oh well...


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