Osman Bakar heads Coordination and Integrity Unit

UPDATE (Feb 15; 11.57pm): Osman Bakar reports in for duty this morning. Read more here.


It was an interesting day.

Right after the FA of Malaysia announced it had approached a senior police officer with experience in football to head the Coordination and Integrity Unit, I knew I had to find out who the person was.

I called every former cop cum footballer I knew - Zaman Khan, Dell Akhbar Khan, Bawandi Hiralal, Rahim Abdullah and Takbir Ahmad.

But all of them insisted they were not contacted by anyone from FAM. The tone of their voices affirmed it.

Then I tried my luck with Osman Bakar (pic).

Without any hesitation he admitted he was approached and is willing to take up the challenge.

But Osman stressed he is "not Superman".

Read about Osman's new role in FAM here.

HD says: All the best sir!


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