Not so 'Special Meeting'

A press release was emailed by the FA of Malaysia (FAM) a day earlier, it read the FAM will hold a Special Meeting to address the match-fixing fiasco.

But all was revealed at the Press conference right after the meeting at Shahzan House yesterday - that the meeting was not to special after all.

Rightly put, it was a long awaited follow up.

And FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (pic), unlike most of his defensive peers, was quick to admit it.


Fact 1: FAM already has a Vetting, Transparency and Monitoring committee which is chaired by Aseh Che Mat. Sadly they only started meeting after this expose here.

Fact 2: A committee comprising of the Police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was set after Fifa head of security Chris Eaton visited Wisma FAM last year.

Fact 3: Almost the same faces of the committee were seen at Shahzan House yesterday.

So was it a 'new' committee formed?


And Tengku Abdullah sums it up well;

“I am not happy (with the progress made) and that’s why we are here. I wanted to put my point across."

Read more in today's Mailsport.

HD says: If only the committees actually worked in the first place. Don't expect the deputy president to do everything.


  1. bro, the fam secretariat has too many deadwoods, starting with the gen sec and his cronies. hopefully one day, the exco will notice it.

  2. Whatever committee that is formed to combat this disease should be a totally independent from the curent FAM committees and FAM staffs.

    For the current situation to arrive to such a juncture can only lead to suspicion of an inside job.


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