FAM probes 31 more

In 2010, I wrote about President's Cup players, including from T-Team, being on the take (pic).

Today, 11 players and five officials from that T-Team squad are being investigated by the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) disciplinary board.

The others are from the MP Muar (4 officials, 3 players) and Penang SDM Navy (4 officials, 4 players) 2011 President’s Cup teams.

All 31 are temporarily suspended from football activities until the DB meets and discusses about any possible action.

As said on Awani Ekstra last night, I am baffled to why the responsible party is only taking action now despite T-Team having lodged a report coupled with my stories on the match-fixing fiasco surfaced two years ago. But I added, "better late than never".

Read The match-fixing scandal widens on FAM's current investigation and When and how it all happened for a recap of my story in 2010.

HD says: I believe more will be named and shamed.


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