Now it's Harun v Karim.

The drama used to be between Malaysian Athletic Union deputy president Karim Ibrahim and National Sports Council director general Zolkples Embong.

Now there is a sideshow between Karim and former national chief coach Harun Rasheed.

Harun claimed "he acted on the orders of Malaysian Athletics Union (MAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim in telling his athletes to run from drug testers last May."

But "Karim denied Harun's allegation and said he did not tell the coach to do anything. "No, I did not say that to him," said Karim in a text message when asked to comment."

Read the full report in today's NST.

HD says: Another Bollywood flick brought to you by MAU TV.


  1. Coach; would you have been quiet and followed your superior if the athlete was your child? Pointing your finger now only shows that you were in for the money!
    PS...I think you are telling the truth!

    HD....possible title... war of the mammaks!

    1. Karim is the culprit don't try to blame the coaches. As hamberi mahat, trap or other how they been ridicule and shouted because they speak against karim wishes

  2. Aren't d coaches guilty of keeping quiet?

  3. Tuesday, February 14, 2012
    The Dope King?
    Is Malaysian Athletics Union (MAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim the dope king in our athletic scene?

    Why have Malaysia's athletes and coaches not offered and why has Malaysia's media failed to demand the Bulgarian doctor's Name, yet they are quick to convict MAAU VP Karim Ibrahim without any evidence other than the word of the convicted athlete and the coach (Harun) who says he knew about and oversaw the alleged improper use of these banned substances?

    MAU doped athlete claims he was mis-led about what Bulgarian doctor was giving him. Doped athlete says he told his coach(not Harun, but his 400m coach). Neither supposedly told Head Coach Harun, the NSC or anyone else.

    People like Karim (Ibrahim) are supposed to see that the head coach, the immediate event coach and medical staff supply proper items like vitamins and B complex recovery items. What else can the Admin do for its athletes? If athletes and coaches suppected improper drugs were being suggested (orderd) they had a priority to protect Malaysia, and the athlete and could have easily contacted the NSC-who really dislike Karim-that seems to have been an ideal way to have gotten Karim back in Oct/Nov. And, both the athlete and the coach probably would have been protected against allegations of improper drug use---BUT NONE DID THAT. It seems more likely both Karim and the athlete were being mis-led. That leaves the doctors and coaches to explain.

    Also, we must remember, Karim was earlier subjected to these same allegations he had ordered his 6 athletes (back in May/2011) to take improper drugs and flee testing--but 3 athletes did not flee and were immediately tested(by the NSC) and found to be NEGATIVE. And, the 3 fleeing athletes were tested in Bulgaria and also found to be NEGATIVE and free of improper drug use.

    Finally, Harum says he knew about improper drug use supposedly ordered by Karim (both in May/2011 and Oct/Nov) but decided not to come forward. Since Karim was found to be innocent of ordering drugs in May (by the NSC), why is the press and others so quick to suggest he is guilty in this case? Where is the actual evidence? Or don't they care about evidence?


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