Oh Stadium Merdeka...

I remember writing an extensive article on PNB developing Stadium Merdeka and the area surrounding it in 2009.

This idea then was to stage football matches including Merdeka Tournament there.

It's been three years and all we see now are just concerts hosted by the stadium.

I must say the restoration work done on the stadium was excellent. From the huge historical pictures (left) and write ups about the stadium at the entrance to the mosaic floors which reminds one of the 60s, the stadium was certainly warm and managed to give one the nostalgic feeling.

Now it is hoped the stadium authorities would actually allow football matches to be played at the stadium - playing at 4.15pm on a Saturday would be perfect as it is easily accessible for the fans - young and old.

It is not easy finding a football field in the heart of KL.

I'm sure many of you wouldn't mind sitting on the concrete slabs watching a good match. I know I wouldn't.

Perhaps the state FAs or FA of Malaysia (FAM) could approach PNB to discuss the possibility of organising matches for the coming season...if not for this year's Malaysia Cup. All one has to do is ask....

HD says: Let's have football matches there.


  1. Good suggestion. Maybe this is a wake up call for State FAs or FAM even MSL looking into the possibility of rekindling the nostalgic feelings of Malaysian soccer. The Malaysian Ex-International Football Association under the leadership Dato M.Chandran can organise their activities here as it will be more meaningful for ex-players and also for the soccer enthusiast.


  2. Great Idea Haresh. Selangor should come back to make Merdeka Stadium their home ground instead of Bukit Jalil. I am sure that we will get more fans for the matches than Bukit Jalil.

    Selangor FA & KLFA should play some of their FAS League games at Merdeka Stadium like before. However, FAS says that it is too expensive to play FAS League matches at Merdeka Stadium. Perhaps, the Stadium Board should reduce the booking fees for the stadium rental for football matches. Many small clubs would to book the Stadium if not for the steep booking fees.
    Just a thought for Stadium Merdeka.

  3. Good Idea Haresh. In fact Govt should consider giving the stadium to be manage by FAM as part of the football developement.

  4. KLFA stadium could see an artificial turf as there are plans of making it a football stadium - minus the track. This may not go down well with schools who are left without much avenue to conduct sports day although there is SMK Bandar Tasik Permaisuri has a track which they could rent and use.

    Then there is Stadium Merdeka. Why not spend another RM1-2mil to lay artificial turf which will serve well for 5-10 years - with the right kind of maintenance that is.

    Just a thought.


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